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Sunday, December 3, 2017

The Great Ocean Road Australia

Great Ocean Road from Teddys Lookout
 We’ve heard so much about the Great Ocean  Road we decided to give it a whirl. The only thing is that the weather, which apparently was as good here as it was for our 2 weeks in New Zealand turned sour Friday with a huge deluge of rain followed by more Saturday and the tail end of it with high winds today, so we started out in 14C weather. Yup! Ladysmith weather for this time of year.
Dramatic Storm Actions
We can’t really complain though, the storms lashing the coast provide dramatic backdrops for mother nature’s actions and it is still a beautiful drive, different from the normal sunny beaches, but still attracting a lot of Sunday drivers today.

We are fortunate in our research that Sandra mentions Teddy’s Lookout outside of Lorne Australia and we make our way to the top. 

And just in case the view doesn’t attract you, or the compass rose
Teddys Compass Rose
showing Antarctica is only 4400 kms away, we nearly bump this poor little Koala from his perch while sleeping on the handrail/tree trunk
Koala at Teddy's

Koala Photo-bombs a picture of Sandra

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