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Sunday, December 3, 2017

Day 2 Great Ocean Road The 12 Apostles

The Great Ocean Road

The Cove from the Sea
Today the weather has cleared up significantly and we’re able to continue our drive on the Great Ocean Road. One of the main features beside the drive itself are the rock outcroppings in the water that make up attractions like “The 12 Apostles”, The Arch, or London Bridge, or The Cove. All scenic and worth seeing.

Continuing our good fortune while driving just 3 - 4 mins out of Apollo Bay we see our first  Wallaby in the wild as we were driving along. To quick an event to capture by photo.

We’re finding a huge number of Asian tourists being bused on this route and suspect that this will only increase with vacation time setting in. It hasn’t yet.

The London Bridge scene is interesting. There is a story to it. Right here. As we walked back from the viewpoint I said, imagine after walking to the end they turn back and say "Which way did we come, I can't find the way back".

Hope you enjoy the photos.

The 12 Apostles
Eastern View from 12 Apostles

The Cove from Land

London Bridge Falls Down

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