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Friday, December 27, 2013

Siam Safari

Really they cross here!

Here’s an activity and a company that is very well organized. We booked on line to save the extra pick up costs since we are up island. We have now driven the island 4 times up and down. Our 11:00 am tour included a training session on the elephants, a feeding of two smaller elephants, and another training session on how to mount the elephants and where they come from. These are Asia elephants instead of African elephants which means they are smaller and with larger heads and smaller ears. Total weight would be 3000 kg for a full grown elephant versus 5000 kgs.for the African elephants.
Enjoying the Day

 The drivers are brought in from Tibet and basically live with the elephants at the facility. These animals all appeared to be very well cared for and the staff professional. We’d highly recommend them. 

Probably the greatest moment for everyone is during the walk through the jungle you climb a point that provides a gorgeous vista out over Chalong Bay. 
View over Chalong Bay

Christmas Dinner

And on the way back down the trail you catch a great look at the ‘Big Buddha” on the top of an adjacent mountain.
Big Buddha

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