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Friday, December 27, 2013

Phuket and Phi Phi Islands

There are no bad pics on Phi Phi Islands, colors are amazing

Landed on Phuket and Jim negotiated a mega van to haul all 9 of us to the hotel. No airport shuttles here. I’ve been suffering from a cough which I caught from a little old lady sleeping behind me on the “Day in the Sky”. Not fun being sick while in hot weather and lots to do. I crash for a couple of hours and Sandra and the grandkids enjoy the pool.
Abbey the shy retiring little girl, Yeah right!
This Marriott is really first class and Sandra and I compare it to our Porto Fico hotel on Lefkada island, of course that was at ¼ the cost.

Jim wants to go to the Phi Phi islands to see them and snorkel, which is great, and the kids all got gear for Christmas so that got arranged for Dec. 23rd. During a brief period of time that I was feeling better, thanks to an Advil ( I think I could do a testimonial), Kaden and I went down and booked taking out a catamaran for Christmas eve day ( which is today as I write this). And Sandra and I booked the Christmas day event of an Elephant tour with Siam Safari. Again all 9! Whew! 

OK, so after a day trying to get better (not working), we all are ready for 7:30 am Dec. 23rd for our excursion to Phi Phi islands. It requires we be transferred from our hotel to a middle town on Phuket where we catch a Phuket at Andaman Tours powerboat. Jack was our guide.
Jack laying out the plan
This was very professionally done and we all came away from it really enjoying it. There were many highlights to the day, some photographic, and the attached link to a youtube video I shot is available!.

Most memorable were the opportunities to snorkel on the reefs there and see all the colorful sealife. At one point, actually several I was surprised when Sandra actually snorkelled as well, overcoming her fears and jumping in. There was a time when I was first in and Abbey had jumped in after, came over and grabbed my hand and we held hands and swam and pointed fish out to each other for quite awhile. You don’t think I will ever forget that do you??
Ready Set

Grandma and Abbey, Maya Bay

Tour speed boats at Maya Bay

Monkeys on the Beach

Leaving the Phi Phi Islands

Phuket Town

The next day we headed into Phuket town.
Old Town Phuket
Phuket isn't a very pretty city but that doesn't mean that it's old town isn't. As we strolled this area we found some very nice shops here, an old Buddhist temple, and old hotel.
Riley with the old stairs in the old hotel

Riley and Grandma at the Wat
There is a school at the WAT, and each afternoon the parents will come with their scooters and pick up the kids. In this picture you can see 1 mom with a child and another having left with 3 on their bike.

Two's and Threes, we've even seen 4

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