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Friday, December 27, 2013

More Sailing

Ready to Go

Here’s a little insight into how Shannon’s kids have matured. After coming back from the Safari we all head for the remainder of the afternoon at the beach. On arrival we see several of the catamarans sitting on the beach. Kaden and Riley ask if I’d take them both sailing, so I said we’d see if they were available. Talked with the crew chief of the area and he said they were all booked to other people. So we go back down to the beach and Kaden begins muttering about how stupid that was, that others could reserve them, and then not use them and he wondered if they might let us use one if no one claimed them after a certain amount of time. So I thought it was worth it for him to try, one because Thai’s love children, and, his request wouldn’t appear to be the challenge to an adult in the same manner that as adult and adult discussion might be, and he had such a logical argument.    So I left him to it, and he came back with the statement ‘So here’s how it will work, at 3:20 if they have come, we can have the sailboat till 4:00 pm. Fortunately it worked out and both Riley and Kaden got sailing again.

Grandpa in his Glory!

Then the next day Abbey wanted to go sailing, so we made the same arrangement again and Abbey and I went out. This one was a little less amicable as the girls who had booked the sailboat came by only moments after we were being pushed into the water. Oh well  you snooze you lose!

Great weather

Today we are left alone here as everyone else has left. We joked with Shannon and Jim that they likely arranged to “Zip-Line’ from the airport to their hotel in Chiang Mai. We’ll all be back together in 5-6 days. We’re off to Cambodia tomorrow and then Singapore for New Years.

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