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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Los Barriles

Moonset over the back of Playa Norte

Then sunrise over the Sea of Cortes

Kite Sailing, Wild winds one day!
As we continued south we headed for Los Barriles which is on the Sea of Cortez side of the peninsula about 40 kms north of the Tropic of Cancer. Los Barriles is known for its wind and kite sailing community and it was definitely impressive. Several of the days we spent there were calm and then there were a couple of windy days, temperatures hovering close to 80F.

One calm morning I got up just as the full moon was setting and the sun was about to rise. These are the shots I got. Absolutely gorgeous day that turned out to be.
There were many different skill levels of kite surfers but the ones pictured here were very skilled and would do flips frequently, just never when I was ready to capture them.
Where's the water coming from?
CJ and Kathy, folks we visit met via email when arranging to come down here have a 40’ Class A that they brought down with a ‘Toad’, a small vehicle, this one a Suzuki (Chev) Tracker, behind. They love to explore and invited us to join them one day as they went looking for a waterfall way back up an “Arroyo”, our term for gully or dry river bed. It was a fun time, we brought sandwiches and had a picnic, discussed and resolved Global warming, and World Peace while there, and enjoyed each  other’s company.
Kathy, Sandra, and CJ
Unfortunately  we didn’t get photos of another couple we met and enjoyed the company of, John and Lori  Deacon from near Lake Tahoe. One evening we went out for supper with them, Shrimp Chile Rellanos at Campistre Triny in Los Barriles and what a fantastic meal!
We came away from our time at Los Barriles with a lot of love for the place. From the RV Park, Playa Norte, and Wilhelm and Ulysses, to the other guests, to the restaurants, and fresh vegetable shops, and the shrimp we bought to BBQ the place was just what we wanted and so we spent a week there.
CJ's lil' Tracker

From Los Barrilles we continued south to San Jose de Cabo and Cabo San Lucas. Neither place is very RV friendly and so our stays were short and just passing through. They probably would be nice at an all-inclusive resort, but then for us that’s not the Mexico we’ve come to discover.
We’ve now arrived back to Santispac after a night’s stay in Porto Escondido, Saturday night and another night at Lupe’s!!!! Weather’s nice, so we’re looking forward to a few more days of great weather before heading back into California as our month will expire.

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