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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Loreto South

The Sierra Gigantica's fall into the Sea

A contradiction in Sizes Canadian and Swiss

Our stay in Loreto was good. The retired Swiss couple beside us in the 5th wheel plated from Alberta were our closest neighbors but in the evening we swapped travel stories as well with a couple from Alaska and another from Australia both travelling together by Land Rovers. The Swiss couple had an interesting take on things worth considering. They live 10 mths of the year in that 5th wheel travelling and another 1-2 mths back in Switzerland. They say when they go back and talk with their friends there , the friends only can say that nothing has changed and that they are watching TV until they die. For them they were so enthused about just being in San Carlos west of Constitucion and watching the grey whales give birth. Quite the contrast eh?

As we drove south the scenery changed again, this time with some outer islands and the Sierra Gigantica mountains that split the coast line in two and fall into the sea. Aided by the travel book lent to us by Greg and Debbi we are learning alot. It is quite beautiful. In Constitucion we stop at a Super Ley, a grocery market store after having bought wonderful oranges from a roadside stall. We were going to just make lunch in the parking lot when we decided to go inside first and there was a taco stand. Not understanding the language we ordered 2 X 3 taco lunches with Cokes  instead of 1 lunch where we were going to split a Coke. Needless to say it became supper instead and all for $5.60 Canadian total. Then as we walked through the store to see what they had and we needed a fellow in the back was making fresh tortillas. He flipped 2 off the rack for us to taste. WOW were they good! So needless to say we bought ½ Kilo of tortillas plus they’re own tortilla chips for salsa. Life is good! 

Next onto La Paz, a large shipping point on the Baja where 2 ferries from the mainland come in. Our accomodations tonight are the Maranthanta RV park, an extension of a Canadian Mennonite religious camp. Great accomodations!

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