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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Heading South

Heading South
El Requeson Beach Camp

After a nice stay in Santispac a 80 peso/nt. Beach camping experience we headed south to next visit Loreto. On the way we wanted to visit the other beaches to see how they compared. There is Posada, Coyote and El Requeson, the beach everyone says is in every ad for owning an RV. Well they don’t show the road in, which right now is truly 4WD only, since the September  hurricane but we managed it in 4WD Low range 1st gear,. And this is what we saw. What a beautiful place and we’ll likely come back and actually camp here as we head back north.

Pedro, Pierre, Janet, Debbi, Greg Sandra (Missing are Jean and Brian (2)
We left Santispac to a group of people we met in such a short period of time. 

Greg, doubles as Mr Spock as Debbi bought him a set of Spock ears in Viking, Alberta a while back when they drove through.

Greg and Debbi both are super nce people should you run into them as fortunate as we have been. Pierre,equally generous, owns a beautiful house on the beach and we BBQ'd there and shared his internet. Just watch out, he has volumes of stories to tell.

Loreto Beginnings
Loreto Promenade
Next on to Loreto the birthplace of California back in 1697. I’ll let you read the picture explanation for the detail. The mission church is in good shape and used regularly still as the only church in this small community. From our pictures you’ll see one thing missing; people. It is so sad to see that tourism has taken such a hit. This place would get better and there’s lots of room for improvement if the Mexican government can restore confidence, but the corruption, drug problems etc. are really affecting the economy of this small country.

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  1. I was so happy and excited to get your link to your Baja trip this morning...and now after reading I'm very sounds like you are having a wonderful time..can't wait to read more ! And your pictures are beautiful.Jim and I are planning for December but now we are hearing there aren't many stations in Baja South that carry Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel-which we need for the Sprinter so we may need a back up plan. Have a fabulous trip and looking forward to more posts.