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Monday, January 21, 2013

Baja Bound First few Days

Shortly after Skyping with Shannon and family back in Calgary we headed to Proterro CA, a popular meeting point for travellers heading into the Baja. We hadn’t been successful in finding someone who was close to our schedule, so we were prepared to go in alone. To our good fortune Greg Mustard came over . He and Debbi are from Penticton BC and were heading in, and have been there many times over 25 yrs. We arranged a time to head out and a radio channel to converse on using the GPRS radios.
1st evening

Debbi and Greg
7:15 am the next morning we headed out and corsed at Tecate MX. The visitor cards arranged we filled with gas @ 10.61 pesos /litre and we were on our way.
In Ensenada we stopped to withdraw some cash and pay the visitor card fee at the bank. Later that day we stopped at El Pabellon RV park, a Pacific coast campsite where we basically boon-docked since there aren’t any real services to be had. We unfortunately saw a major drug importation go down and the military charge down the beach to try and stop the exchange. We don’t think they were successful.
The next morning we headed south again,  this time Debbi and Greg wanted to stop at Catavina a favorite high desert hiking area for them. The winds were high in there and the temperatures quite cold so we passed on staying with them and headed to Baja De Los Angeles a bay some 80 kms away and arranged to meet the next morning. We made a wise choice and enjoyed a nice evening in the Bay overlooking the World Heritage Site islands just off shore.

San Ignacio Mission
The next morning we connected back up at the junction and began heading south this time a short day to San Ignacio, a northern Mission of the Jesuits back in 1728. Unfortunately the violence, drug problems, and US economy have all affected the tourism in this area and we were basically the only people there, plus Fred and Teresa, some other BC residents who joined the caravan.
The RV Park recommended was El Padrino but it was basically a disaster and we stayed at a pretty spot on the oasis lagoon. The owner pumped water from the lagoon into a big barrel and turned on a hot water heater so we could have showers but we passed.
Military checkpoint

Gustav Eiffel's church in Santa Rosalia
Playa Stantisspac
The next morning we headed off south again with our sights set on Playa Santispac once a very popular spot for snowbirds on the Sea of Cort├ęs.  After filling with propane Sandra and I spent some time in Santa Rosalia visiting the church that Gustav Eiffel donated to the town after the 1896 World’s fair in Paris. The French had quite a bit of involvement there at one time.
Later, after some fish tacos at a stand there we met back up worth Greg and Debbi and arrived at Stantispac in time for the Saturday evening party at Lupa’s on the beach. What great fun! We’ll be heading out tomorrow ( Tuesday) to Loreto and continuing south.

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