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Sunday, January 15, 2012

France and Spain 2012

An Invitation to
Come Ride With Us

The Eiffel Tower 
Just a short note to let you know that 2012 is shaping up to be another cost effective year to travel in Europe. With the Euro at all time lows, and their economy’s needing some infusion we are heading back, so why don’t you consider coming with us.

If you have never done this before this is a great time to benefit from our experience in preparation, riding, accommodation selection, and destinations and all you need to do is cover your costs. Bikes can be rented out of Heidelberg or Frankfurt. I have contacts for getting different types. Just email me and we'll take a look.Since our trip will span 49 days you may want to pick a shorter period and either join us for the beginning or at another point in the trip or the whole thing. We leave 3rd week of May.

Chambord, Loire Valley

Ever wanted to see the Eiffel Tower? the Normandy coast and it's D Day beaches, Mont St Michel, or simply sample Burgundy wines from the Loire valley. 

Wonder about what all those castles (chateaux in France) look like. Enjoy some of the best scenic and well engineered roads Europe has to offer in safety or see some of the most grueling motor racing at LeMans, a MotoGP is scheduled in mid May and the 24 hrs of Lemans is 17-18 June. 

If you have ever read Michael Crichton’s “Timeline” you will really want to see the Dordogne region which was the epicenter of the 100 yrs war with Britain.
Mont St Michel, France
Our most important event will be seeing  the Tour de France on our 40th anniversary! A mountain section that takes in France and Switzerland in early July.

Tour d' France Alpine Section


Or if Spain is more your speed, visit Basque country, run with the Bulls in Pamplona (July 6-14), see the unique mountains of Picos du Europa, or the 3rd most important pilgrimage sight in Christiandom at Santiago de Compostelo.

We wind up the holiday part of the trip back on the Cinque Terre in the small village of Levanto. A very fine place indeed. Seven days on this beach and great restaurants.
Levanto Evening

Here are the route highlights and Photos.


1. Luxembourg City
Luxembourg City
Luxembourg Caves

2. Paris 4 Nights

3. Normandy Beaches
4. Mont St Michel
One of the Jersey Islands UK
5. Jersey Islands

6. Lemans
Steve Mc Queen won't be there, sorry

The famous Track

One of Many Chateaux in the Loire region
8. Dordogne Region

Houses in Dordogne Region

Dordogne Region Caves

Simply Canoeing on the Dordogne

9. Basque region France/Spain
10. Bilboa ( Guggenheim Museum)

Picos Hi Alpine Region
11. Picos du Europa

12. Santiago de Compostela

13. Pamplona ( Running of the Bulls)

14. Andorra

15. Carcasonne

16. French and Italian Riveria’s
17.Aosta Valley

19.Tour de France ( Stage 8)

20.Black forest of Germany

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